The United States was formed by creative individuals coming together in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to develop a new strategy, a new direction for the colonies.  Nearly 250 years later, we celebrate that creative spirit with the launch of the America250PA Direct Effect Innovation Challenge (The DEIC)


Wilkes-Barre Connect, in partnership with the United States Postal Service and Maga Design Group, are proud to announce the DEIC.  The DEIC is an event where team of students from PA Colleges and Universities, will compete to design and launch the integrated marketing campaign strategy for the America250PA initiative. This three-round competition kicked-off on October 5th on the campuses of our participating schools - all leading to the final DEIC competition, which was held LIVE on stage at the Wilkes-Barre Connect Conference, on November 19th in Wilkes-Barre, PA.


After the campus round, The Direct Effect Innovation Challenge (DEIC) moved on to the second round - the Regional Finals.  Below is a map of the regional competitions.  Thank you to Point Park University, Lycoming College, Jefferson University, and Penn State Wilkes-Barre (THINK Center) as the host of the second round competition.


The Finals of The Direct Effect Innovation Challenge (DEIC) were held on November 18, 2019, during the Wilkes-Barre Connect Conference in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  After amazing presentations from student teams representing 10 PA colleges and universities, the team of students from Wilkes University was selected as the overall winner.  Their concept will now be designed for launch in early 2020, to kick-off the America250PA initiative across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pictured from left to right, Lisa Reynolds, Madison Kaminski, McKaylah DeKay, Logan Rock, Daniel Kultys, Aaron Smith and Sal Purpura.


All students who participated in The Direct Effect Innovation Challenge (DEIC) have received a digital badge to commerorate their participation in the Commonwealth's largest co-creation project.  These badges can be displayed on the student's resumes and social media accounts.  At America250PA, we ask that all organizations across the Commonwealth recognize this badge as a representation of the amazing drive, determination and abilities of the students to compete outside of the classroom, and consider them for internship and job opportunities - helping keep PA talent within the commonwealth.


Thank you to the following organizations who have made the Regional Finals of the America250PA Direct Effect Innovation Challenge a reality:

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